LEAP BPS for Conveyancing

The first audits for the LEAP Best Practice Standard are now taking place.

The LEAP BPS audits are being undertaken by our Lead Auditor, Tim Prior.


0203 290 5745

New Instructions  

The first BPS audit will cover new instructions.

Subsequent audits will cover the contract and exchange, completion and post-completion work.

The audit will cover the following steps:

  1. Performed appropriate identity, anti-money laundering and other checks on the client (including PEPs and sanctions), the transaction and the other conveyancer.
  2. If client is a company, conducted company search.
  3. Advised clients of costs, complaints procedure and the person responsible in the client care letter.
  4. Obtained payment on account.
  5. Recorded details of the property, agreed terms for the purchase, identified the source of funds and ensured sufficient funds for the purchase and costs.
  6. Where adopted, followed Law Society conveyancing protocol.
  7. Recorded buyer’s intended use for the property.
  8. Ensured retainer documents are signed and returned by the client, including permission for external audits.
  9. Completed risk assessment and recorded the results.
  10. Discussed survey options with client.
  11. Discussed insurance options with client
  12. Recorded all key dates.