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Terms and Conditions of Use

These terms govern your firm’s use of this website and our manuals.

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Unless stated to the contrary which includes the above-mentioned copyright, all materials on the website or our manuals are copyright © Assessment Legal Ltd 2024. All materials appearing on this website, including the sample text and the contents lists, are copyright © Assessment Legal Ltd. All rights including the copyright in these materials belong to Assessment Legal Ltd as author. The authors also assert their moral rights in relation to this work.

Unauthorised access by electronic or printed form, by any third party or sale of all or any part of it is not permitted, except that material may be duplicated for personal research use or educational purposes in electronic or printed form. Permission for any other use must first be obtained in writing from Assessment Legal Ltd. Electronic or printed copies may not be offered, whether for sale or otherwise, to any third party.

If you provide consultancy services you may not sell any part of these materials to any client firm, nor may you use or adapt these materials for use with any client firm without first entering into a licence for such use. You are authorised to advise firms on the use of these materials if they have purchased an original version of these materials from Audit Compliance Ltd for their own use.

Failure to adhere to this notice may incur liability. Copyright infringement is both a criminal offence and a civil wrong. We reserve the right to take legal action to protect our legitimate rights whenever we uncover any infringement or where materials offered by consultants have been based upon unauthorised adaptations of any part or all these materials.


Assessment Legal Ltd makes all reasonable efforts to ensure that the content of this website or our manuals is accurate and up-to-date, but cannot accept responsibility for any omissions, errors or subsequent changes.

Assessment Legal Ltd accepts no liability for any loss or damage resulting, directly or indirectly, from any use of the information or material contained in the content of this website or our manuals.

Assessment Legal Ltd cannot accept liability for the outcome of any applications firms make to gain quality marks or registration with the above-mentioned accreditation bodies as these are often based on factors beyond the scope of content of this website or our manuals such as the fitness to practice and compliance with procedures within the firm itself.